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April 22nd, 2022

April 22, 2022 04:00 pm

Earth Day 2022: Life Force

In partnership with the Center for Earth Ethics, DJ Spooky and the Climate Museum

4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

Live from James Chapel, Union Theological Seminary, NYC

This Earth Day, we are thinking about untapped creative power: the ways of thinking, doing and being that our commodified, globalized, fossil-fueled society tends to dominate and devour. Life Force is an opportunity for people to regenerate creativity while working toward a climate-safe future… Let’s spend an afternoon tending to the best of the human spirit, which is part and parcel of the life force that animates our planet.

  1. Opening Remarks by Executive Director, Karenna Gore
  2. Union Theological Seminary President, Serene Jones
  3. Student Panel, moderated by Gavin Schmidt
  4. Speaker, Bill McKibben
  5. Poet, Lyla June
  6. Speaker, Mitchell Joachim
  7. Performance by NYC Labor Chorus
  8. Speaker, Rev. Lennox Yearwood
  9. Music 4 Climate Justice Performance Anthology
  10. Performance by Jody Sperling
  11. Fireside Chat, Miranda Massie and Jacqui Patterson
  12. Poet, Pádraig Ó Tuama 
  13. Speaker, Kate Marvel
  14. Closing Remarks by Karenna Gore


At the conclusion of the live stream from James Chapel, join us at the following link as Artivism 4 Earth takes us on a journey of Loss and Hope through music as we wrap up Earth Day.



M4CJ Anthology Performing Artists for April 22, 2022

  • "Tetchhi’arü’ngu”, Djuena Tikuna, DJ Eric Marky Terena, Amazonia
  • "Cheyenne”, Aurea Regina Coelho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • "Columbian Folk Melody”, Pilar Zorro, Nicolas Casteneda, Bogota, Columbia
  • "Venetian Gondola Song”, Yundu Wang, Massachusetts, USA
  • "Ocean Memories”, Terje Isungset, Svalbard, The Arctic
  • "Ghanaian Traditional Music”, Edmund Dorwana Tijan, Saru, Ghana
  • "Brahms Trio for Horn, Violin & Piano”, Christina Schempf, Delaney Turner, Willey Lee, Illinois, USA
  • "Improvisation in Mahur", Saleh Mirsaeedi, Chabahar, Iran
  • "Kaziranga”, Dibyajyoti Nath, Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India
  • "Jonah’s Dream”, Lorraine Lee Hammond, Bennett Hammond, Massachusetts, USA
  • "Karma", Kutumba, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • "Guitar Improvisation and Antarctic Underwater Video", Henry Kaiser, Antarctica
  • "Nhemamusasa", Leonard Chiyanike, Fradreck Mujuru, Zimbabwe
  • “Limbangan”, Leo H. Pamungkas, Supriyadi, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • Chingwei Lin and the Little Recorder Lovers, Taiwan
  • “Alta Vittoria”, John Tyson, Laura Gulley, Daniel Rowe, Miyuki Tsurutani
  • “Dona Nobis Pacem”, Shubhendra Rao, Saskia Rao de Haas, Ishaan Rao, New Delhi, India