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September 21st 2022

time iconSeptember 21, 2022 11:30 am

United Nations International Day of Peace 2022

In partnership with Unify.org, Pause the World, HealRWorld
09/21/2022 - 11:30 AM Eastern Time
Live from Times Square, New York
We are proud to announce that our 9/21 Times Square International Day of Peace event with the creation of Times
Square Largest Human Peace Sign, a 12 Noon Moment of Silence throughout the world, we pray, requested virtually
by Ringo Starr and then a Peace Day Party Concert till 4:30 pm with over 50 Virtual and Live Performers, Video’s and
so much more.
1. Create Human Peace Sign by holding flags
2. Peace Lights video
3. Unify.org opening video
4. FOWPAL Bell Ringing
5. Virtual Ringo Starr Moment of Silence
6. UN Peace Messengers Michael Douglas, Dr. Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio and some youth from our next
generation Mckenzi Brooke & Reif Harrison and Chuckie Armstrong II
7. Introduction of Michele Bongiovanni - Heal Our World and Music 4 Climate Justice
8. HealRWorld Video
9. Music 4 Climate Justice Theme Song Video
10. Live performance by AY Young (Founder of Battery Tour and UN Young Global Leader)
11. Remarks by DJ Marky from Guardians of the Forest & video performance
12. Introduction of David Lynch Foundation, Harlem Globetrotters and Dr. Mahmet Oz
13. Paul McCartney video
14. Introduction of Water Segment and Pete Seeger, Sharon Benson Water Not Weapons and the New York
Friends of Clearwater Donna Stein, Ken Gale
15. Montauk Film Festival/Water video
17. Peace Lights Peter Rogina video
18. Indiggo Twins live performance
19. Oprah, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Stevie Wonder video
20. Michele DellaFeve Amazing Grace and Nohoku Dance video
21. Introduction of Operation Warrior Shield
22. Woodstock Forever and Heidi Little video
23. Georgia Fumanti songs
24. Shikira video
25. Dionne Warwick - What is Love? Video
26. What the World Needs Now